Beef Price Estimate

Financial Estimate for Kobe/Black Angus Crossed Steers

Average live weight beef-   850 lbs @ $2.50/lbs

Whole beef is 510lbs of meat (60%of live weight is meat)=                $2125.00

1/2 beef is 255lbs of meat=                                                                         $1062.50

1/4 beef is 127.50lbs of meat=                                                                    $531.25

Your meat will cost around $4.16/lbs


For Processing at Fleming Meats (this is the customers financial responsibility)

$.49/lbs for processing and Vacuum Sealed- determined by the meat weight

$.42/lbs for processing and Butcher paper- determined by the meat weight


If you are not familiar with Kobe beef please look at our ” Wagyu(Kobe)Beef” section but in short Kobe Beef is the best marbled beef in the world followed by Black Angus.  What a divine mix!

A Wagyu steak in a restaurant will cost on average $50-$75 each.

Compare our prices  to your grocery’s natural beef selections but you can not get fresher or healthier than our locally grown and processed beef.  Then ask what knowing your local food source is worth?

We would love to hear from you!

Megann Thomas-Farm Manager


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